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ELISIO Dialyzer from Nipro

Nipro reimagined the single-use, high-flux, hollow-fiber dialyzer, creating a product offering multiple, valuable advantages. Our design and engineering teams innovated practical, powerful benefits for everyone involved in the dialysis process.

  • Exceptional clearance rates – via our exclusive POLYNEPHRON™ membrane that functions more like the human kidney, improving the Kt/V of UREA
  • Better patient outcomes – our advanced pore spinning technology, and unique ripple structure inside the dialyzer, create more homogenous dialysate flow, so less albumin is lost and more middle molecules – like MYOGLOBIN and β2 MICROGLOBULIN – are removed
  • Better rinseback –the dialyzer's ultra-smooth polyurethane cut surface reduces blood clotting
  • Safer –made with housing and fibers not containing BPA or DEHP, known endocrine disruptors
  • Greener – Reduced energy consumption for transportation due to 25% lower weight and significant disposal cost savings
  • Reduced risk of contamination – an improved header shape reduces channeling at the blood side, and the redesigned permanent caps eliminate the possibility of unexpected removal or reuse, maintaining an aseptic technique during set-up
  • Extended storage and use –the patented foil bag packaging reduces membrane degradation due to oxidation during gamma sterilization

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