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Manufacturer and Distributor of Innovative Dialysis Test Strips

Integrated Biomedical Technology, Inc. is committed to providing the dialysis industry with the highest quality test strips to enhance the safety of patients. Advances in technology change the way doctors practice medicine. Our new strip technology for dialysis makes instantaneous on-site testings possible. It is easy, fast, accurate, and cost-effective. Integrated Biomedical Technology, Inc. products have world-wide patents on the measurement of chloramines and other chemical germicides. The quantitative nature of IBT reagent strips helps to assure the accuracy of test results and is superior to qualitative indicator strips for protection of patient safety. High quality and cost-effective pricing make IBT reagent strips the preferred choice by renal dialysis professionals.

Quality Test Strips Available

  • Bleach/Chlorine/Chloramine
  • Peracetic Acid/Residual Peroxide
  • Water Quality/pH, Hardness
  • Glutaraldehyde/Formaldehyde


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