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"True Blue" A-Clamp

When it comes to safe and reliable tube occluding, there's only one true blue clamp — the A-Clamp by Dravon. Dravon's A-Clamp effectively occludes tubing up to 8 mm without damage. It's capable of being sterilized by most methods. And yet, Dravon's A-Clamp costs just a fraction of its metal counterpart.

Don't mistake lesser quality imitations for Dravon's A-Clamp. Look for our name and phone number on the handle to be sure you are getting the clamp trusted by major medical facilities.


Material Special formulation of glass-filled nylon with metal rivet.
Sterilization The A-Clamp can be autoclaved up to 132° C, gas sterilized, gamma radiated, or electron beam sterilized and will withstand most cold sterilizing solutions.
Recommended Usage To occlude medical grade tubing up to 8 mm (outside diameter).
Limited Warranty Dravon warrants that each A-110 clamp is free from defects in materials and workmanship. This clamp is intended for use on PVC or silicone rubber tubing at operating temperatures above freezing.

Call Dravon toll free at 1-800-654-1976 to to place an order.

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