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Triferic is an iron replacement product that replaces iron and maintains hemoglobin concentration in hemodialysis patients. Triferic is the only FDA approved drug indicated for iron maintenance therapy.

Over the course of dialysis treatment, blood loss occurs. This blood loss results in a 5-7 milligram loss of iron on average every dialysis treatment. Consequently, there is a need for a product that can replace iron during every dialysis treatment, providing iron maintenance therapy.

Triferic is true iron maintenance therapy. Triferic delivers 5-7 milligrams of iron during every dialysis treatment, simply replacing the iron that was lost during dialysis. In contrast to IV iron, Triferic is an iron salt free of carbohydrate and it binds immediately to transferrin, where it is carried to the bone marrow for healthy red blood cell incorporation, avoiding entrapment in the liver and related toxicity and severe hypersensitivity reactions.

For dialysis patients, there is an unmet need to consistently receive iron that immediately binds to transferrin and that does not induce iron overload, similar to the slower, natural manner in which iron is processed in the body to maintain hemoglobin… Triferic meets that need.

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