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Renatron® ll 100 Series Reprocessing System

Change...and continuity

The Updated RENATRON® II 100 SERIES brings all of the best features of the original but with critical enhancements determined by our customers.

On the Outside

Venous Line Clamp

  • Secure venous outlet line

Color Coding

  • Provide visual cues to dialyzer orientation

More Defined Control Panel Areas

On the Inside

Header Integrity Test (Select Units)

  • Diagnostic test to verify that the header is on securely with “O” ring in place

Failed Volume Test

  • Limiting the number of retests to 2 to get more accurate counts

Culture Sample Cycle

  • Separate cycle for ease of taking water samples

Dedicated Clean/Rinse Cycle

  • Alternative and more aggressive Formula 409® cycle for heavily deposited lines and machines

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