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Portable Dialysis Water

AmeriWater offers several reverse osmosis systems for single or dual patient treatment in an acute setting or at home.

Single Patient Heat Disinfect Water System

The Centurion by AmeriWater is a sleek, compact reverse osmosis system, which includes a .005 micron ultra-filter that enhances the microbiological quality of the water. The RO features a nocturnal mode allowing a patient to dialyze overnight without being disturbed. Operators can use the RO immediately after heat disinfection, which only takes 90 minutes, due to AmeriWater’s cool drain technology.

Complete Portable Water Treatment Systems (1-2 patients)

AmeriWater’s unique compact design reverse osmosis is a complete package. All pretreatment, which includes dual carbon filters, sediment filter, and anti-scalant for hardness reduction, is located inside the cabinet. These units have everything you need to transform your tap water into product water for dialysis.

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