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The Most Effective Way to Disinfect, Save Valuable Time and Money

AmeriWater’s ozone disinfection system uses a high-tech corona discharge process for producing aqueous ozone, which is the best disinfectant available for bicarb and water systems. This design produces high levels of ozone quickly, 10 grams per hour, reducing disinfecting time by half compared to chemical disinfection. Using oxygen eliminates nitrogen degradation of the ozone generator ensuring years of reliable performance. This portable compact system can be moved easily from bicarb to water, or center-to-center. The quick connect connectors with shut offs enable easy connection to the water storage tanks and bicarb systems. There are adjustable oxygen and water flow meters plus a vacuum gauge to indicate the proper vacuum to mix the ozone with the water. An ozone gas off chamber removes excess gas not dissolved in the water and runs it through an ozone gas destruct device, returning it to oxygen.

  • Eliminates rinse and repeat cycles caused by chemicals, reducing disinfection time
  • Disinfects the entire dialysis water system in less than one hour
  • Microorganisms cannot build up a tolerance to ozone
  • Has no detrimental effect on bicarb and water system components including PVC
  • Saves money by eliminating the need to purchase expensive and dangerous chemicals
  • Highly effective in cold water, reducing hot water usage and energy costs

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