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Innovative Heat Disinfection Reverse Osmosis System for Dialysis

The MediQa system uses proven reverse osmosis technology combined with heat disinfection to provide a unique combination of performance, reliability, and functionality. This fully integrated water purification solution when coupled with pre-treatment and heat compatible distribution pipework makes a complete system.

  • Single and dual pass membrane configurations
    • Provides maximum flexibility in water quality
    • Units can be configured to run in multiple combinations to provide redundancy
  • Automated heat disinfection of RO membranes
    • Provides system efficiency and labor savings
    • Ensures that any potential for bacterial growth on membrane surfaces is minimized
  • Full color touch screen display with comprehensive menu navigation, including full schematics
  • Advanced data logging technology with password protection
    • Information available via an integrated touch screen display or downloaded to Excel
    • Stored data includes active status indicators, alarm conditions and performance logs
  • 8” TFC membranes in FRP vessels for durability
  • Compact, powder coated aluminum skid mounted package

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