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  Dec. 17, 2014
bullet point Match Reveals No Love for Nephrology
(Registration required, but free.) Article from MedPage Today.

Editor's note:
By not focusing on patient goals, chronic dialysis has largely become low-reward herd medicine (or plantation medicine) which provides care that no nephrologists would choose for themselves. As a career choice, nephrology is now both economically and ethically depressing. Nephrology's leaders are stuck in a mindset and a plantation-medicine economy of their own creation. Perhaps it's time for new leadership in nephrology and time to change the financial incentives for nephrologists. What if the nephrologists were incentivized to produce employed and/or rehabilitated patients? Shouldn't that be the goal of major organ replacement therapy?
bullet point China Halts Anti-Dumping Probe into EU, Japan Dialysis Kit Makers
Reuters article.
bullet point Free, Full-Text Articles from American Journal Of Kidney Diseases:
bullet point Effect of Low Versus High Dialysate Sodium Concentration on Blood Pressure and Endothelial-Derived Vasoregulators During Hemodialysis: A Randomized Crossover Study
Article in Press abstract from American Journal of Kidney Diseases.
bullet point CJASN Express Abstracts:
bullet point Evaluating Targets and Costs of Treatment for Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Incident Dialysis Patients: The FARO-2 Study
Abstract from International Journal of Nephrology and Renovascular Disease.
bullet point Trends of Cost and Mortality of Patients on Hemodialysis with End Stage Renal Disease (Taiwan)
Accepted Article abstract from Nephrology.
bullet point Provisional Abstracts and Full-Text PDFs from BMC Nephrology:
bullet point Dialysis Facility Compare Star Ratings Draw First Challenge to CMS Quality Measures Under Data Quality Act
Press release.

Editor's note: Who funds Dialysis Patient Citizens? It began as DaVita Patient Citizens, with a nearly automatic enrollment process, which likely accounts for its ridiculously high membership figure.
bullet point Kidney Transplant Patient Amy Purdy Poses for ESPN Magazine's 'The Body' Issue
Article from ESPN.
bullet point Laughing Your Way to Living Donation
KidneyTalk podcast from Renal Support Network.
bullet point CRP Levels Tied to Statin Effects on Contrast Nephropathy
bullet point Standards Help Diabetes Devices Talk to Each Other
bullet point Company Offers Tips to Help Dialysis Patients Prepare for Severe Winter Storms
bullet point NephroPlus Plans To Set Up 150 Dialysis Centres in India
  Low Glycemic Diet Does Not Improve Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes
Press release from Brigham and Women's Hospital. Free full-text article from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
bullet point Christmas Decorations Filled with Toxic Chemicals, Study Finds
Press release from HealthyStuff.org.
bullet point Yoga Reduces Cardiovascular Risk As Much As Walking or Cycling, Study Shows
Articles from HealthDay and the BBCExtract from British Medical Journal.
bullet point Free, Full-Text Articles from the Journal of the American Medical Association:
bullet point New Protective Ebola Suit Developed at Johns Hopkins University (VIDEO)
Article and video from MedGadget.
bullet point 'Kids' Diseases' Now Hitting Adults
bullet point Syphilis on the Rise Among Gay, Bisexual Men: CDC

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