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  Apr. 21, 2015
bullet point Panel To Review 5-Star Rating System for Dialysis Facilities
News item from Nephrology News & Issues.

Editor's note: Reviewing the methodology for the 5-star system is not going to solve a bigger problem with the system: GIGO.

As Dr. Jeffrey Berns noted about Kt/V values reported to DOPPS in this February video blog posting:

"One example is the Kt/V. More than half of patients on hemodialysis in the United States have a Kt/V of 1.6 or greater, and another 43% have a Kt/V between 1.2 and 1.59, with a mean of about 1.6, which seems good, although I wonder whether the Kt/V is higher than it needs to be given data showing an absence of benefit from such high Kt/Vs. Somewhat discordant is the fact that 80% of patients in this country are still dialyzed for 4 hours or less, and 30% for 3 hours or less, with a mean treatment time still only slightly longer than 3 hours."

Dr. Joanne Bargman reported during a keynote address at a scientific meeting this year that she is aware of widespread cheating in data reported to CMS/CROWNWeb and DOPPS.

Who is going to investigate the widespread data fraud in the dialysis industry? The two medical directors from the largest for-profit corporations? The representatives from the non-profit organizations which happen to receive significant funding from the for-profit corporations? The biostatisticians from outside the industry who are unlikely to challenging U.S. nephrology's tradition of self-policing?

I would contend that there has been widespread, undetected cheating in dialysis data reporting for 15 years, that these practices has become institutionalized, and that the conclusions drawn from this data should be considered worthless.
bullet point The Association Between Dialysis Facility Quality and Facility Characteristics, Neighborhood Demographics, and Region
Online First abstract from American Journal of Medical Quality.
bullet point In-Center Nocturnal Hemodialysis: the Experience of a Center
(6-page pdf) Article from the Portuguese Journal of Nephrology & Hypertension.
bullet point Update on Veebot, The Automatic Phlebotomist
News brief and video from MedGadget.
bullet point How African-Americans Can Get Better Kidney Care
Health Hub posting from the Cleveland Clinic.
bullet point DNA Abnormalities Found in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease
Press release and video from Columbia University Medical Center.
bullet point Strategies to Increase Living Kidney Donation: a Retrospective Cohort Study
Provisional abstract and full-text article (13-page pdf) from Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease.
bullet point Shortage of Peritoneal Dialysis Solution and the Food and Drug Administration’s Response
CJASN Express abstract.
bullet point Association between Serum Bicarbonate and pH with Depression, Cognition and Sleep Quality in Hemodialysis Patients
Early Online abstract from Renal Failure.
bullet point Early View Abstracts from Artificial Organs:
bullet point Body Composition Affects Urea Distribution Volume Estimated by Watson's Formula
Article in Press abstract from Journal of Renal Nutrition.
bullet point Advance Online Abstracts from the Journal of Vascular Access:
bullet point Ibuprofen Associated Acute Kidney Injury in Dehydrated Children with Acute Gastroenteritis
Online First abstract from Pediatric Nephrology.
bullet point Depression: 'Mindfulness-based Therapy Shows Promise'
Article from the BBC.
bullet point Global Pandemic of Fake Medicines Poses Urgent Risk, Scientists Say
Press release from the National Institutes of Health.
bullet point Obamacare Support Hits Two-Year High
News brief from The Hill.
bullet point Diabetes Risk Higher Among Indians in India Than in US
Guiding Principles for Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation Model Evaluations
Free, full-text, Online First viewpoint article from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
CROWNWeb: February 2015 Clinical Data Closes on April 30 – Finding “Saved” vs. “Submitted” Data

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