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The Value of Heat Disinfect in Dialysis whitepaper from AmeriWater provides in-depth data on this effective process.

Endosafe® - PTS™ from Charles River – Real-time endotoxin analysis for rapid release testing of dialysis samples.
B Braun's Dialog™ sets new standards for safety, efficiency and reliability.
American Renal Associates offers big company experience and small company responsiveness. Let us help you open a new dialysis facility.
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AJKD Blog Coverage of NKF 2016 Spring Clinical Meetings:
Renal & Urology News Coverage of NKF Spring Clinical Meetings:

Nephrology News & Issues Coverage of NKF Spring Clinical Meetings:

Dialysis Waste Management: Why Won’t Anybody Listen?
Posting from the KidneyViews blog.
  Apr. 29, 2016

Analysis Shows Dialysis Center Five Star Rating Success Stories Not Tied to Quality of Care
Article from Nephrology News & Issues.

  #1)  Luck !!!

“There is no patient input to the quality ratings being used by Medicare for dialysis centers. Quality ratings that at least partially consider patient satisfaction with their dialysis treatments might produce very different rankings,” Stephens said.

Editor's note:
Is this outstanding medicine or what?

How many more millions of dollars and precious time must we waste trying to create a quality measurement system that uses biochemical markers that do not matter to patients — or uses measures that can be "manufactured" through manipulation and/or cheating?

The best example of excellence in dialysis care is a long-time employed ESRD patient. Unfortunately, CMS, U.S. nephrologists, and the large for-profit dialysis providers have ignored this outcome for decades. They have instead focused on biochemical markers, which has led to few improvements in the patients' quality of life or technological innovations over the last 40 years.

While DaVita and Fresenius have recently announced programs to support employment, there is little to them beyond "turfing" patients to government agencies that have no dialysis expertise. It seems to be a new version of the intern's way to avoid addressing patients' needs. Remember "buff and turf" from The House of God?

What if Fresenius and DaVita employed dialysis patients and also paid their health insurance premiums? Extending the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) period for employed patients would then drive tremendous changes in this field of for-profit medicine.

Speaker Paul Ryan Calls For End To Health Law’s Premium-Cost Protections For People Who Are ill
News summary from Kaiser Health News.
Overcoming Barriers in Kidney Health—Forging a Platform for Innovation
JASN Express abstract.
AJKD Blog Coverage of NKF 2016 Spring Clinical Meetings:
Warm Weather, Heavy Rain Cause Many Dialysis Patients to Skip Treatment Days
Article from Nephrology News & Issues.
Feasibility of Intermittent Back Filtrate Infusion Hemodiafiltration to Reduce Intradialytic Hypotension in Patients with Cardiovascular Instability: a Pilot Study
Free, full-text, Online First article from Clinical and Experimental Nephrology.
Issue-in-Progress Abstracts from American Journal of Nephrology:
Leptin, Pre-Existing Vascular Disease, and Increased Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation Failure in Dialysis Patients
Article in Press abstract from Journal of Vascular Surgery.
Natural Killer Cells Play a Critical Role in Mediating Inflammation and Graft Failure during Antibody Mediated Rejection of Kidney Allografts
Article in Press abstract from Kidney International.
Early View Abstracts from Artificial Organs:
Female Hormones May Make Women Less Susceptible to Kidney Failure Than Men
Press release from the American Society of Nephrology.
Amgen Posts 1Q Sales, Profit Jumps, Raises Profit Forecasts
AP article.
"Overcoming Functional Iron Deficiency in Your Hemodialysis Patients" at the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Spring Clinical Meeting in Boston, MA April 29, 2016
Toward an Integrated Federal Health System
Free, full-text, Online First viewpoint article from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Valeant Officials, Blasted By Lawmakers For ‘Immoral’ Pricing Practices, Admit To Making Mistakes
Article from Kaiser Health News.

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