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NxStage Director of Public Policy Honored for Dedication to Patient Advocacy
  Oct. 24, 2014
bullet point Former DaVita Insider Helped Build Case That Led to $389 M Settlement
Article and settlement agreement (22-page pdf) from The Denver Post. (WARNING: The Denver Post has awful pop-up ads. It may take several attempts to load the page.)

"One vice president warned Barbetta not to "give me any of that ethics crap," court documents state."

Editor's note: Nephrologists, instead of speaking out against a duplicitous corporate culture, will continue to do business with DaVita. None dares to criticize Kent Thiry. His leadership enables nephrologists to continue to practice the kind of dialysis care they want to practice, despite the patients' dismal life outcomes. Without such criticism and demands for change, the vast majority of patients will continue to have poor life outcomes and will be enslaved in clinics to a life called dialysis.

When will nephrology and dialysis care professionals see DaVita as the Department of Justice sees them: an organization focused on enriching its upper echelons by exploiting vulnerable patients. The DaVita team does not include patients.

And when will patient group leaders finally speak out against these behaviors — instead of selling out, enriching themselves, and betraying patients?

This is an industry that long ago fell down the slippery slope of questionable medical ethics. Now, nearly everyone involved in this industry is heavily invested in maintaining an inherently corrupt and perverse form of medicine... and in supporting Kent Thiry. How can patients win?

Considering that virtually no nephrologists would accept the standardized dialysis care that over 85% of their patients receive, nephrologists should be considered among the least trusted and least honest physicians of all.
bullet point Recommendations for Safely Performing Acute Hemodialysis in Patients with Ebola Virus Disease in U.S. Hospitals
Document for healthcare workers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
bullet point Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Ebola Virus Disease and Dialysis
(9-page pdf) Document and additional resources (including podcast) from the American Society of Nephrology (ASN).
bullet point New York City Health Officials Confirm First Ebola Case
Articles from HealthDay and AP.
bullet point Conservative Care – A Conversation To Be Had
Posting from the eAJKD blog.
bullet point Free, Full-Text Articles from American Journal of Kidney Diseases:
bullet point Summary Adherence Estimates Do Not Portray the True Incongruity between Drug Intake, Nurse Documentation and Physicians' Orders
Provisional abstract and full-text article (23-page pdf) from BMC Nephrology.
bullet point Association of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T and Natriuretic Peptide With Incident ESRD: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study
Article in Press abstract from American Journal of Kidney Diseases.
bullet point Inappropriately Elevated Endothelin-1 Plays a Role in the Pathogenesis of Intradialytic Hypertension
Early View abstract from Hemodialysis International.
bullet point Early View Abstracts from Seminars In Dialysis:
bullet point Bioinspired Blood and Bacteria Repellent Coating for Medical Devices (VIDEO)
Article and video from MedGadget.com.
bullet point America's Organ Transplant Law Is Criminally Unfair to Donors
Article from New Republic.
bullet point New Support Method Improves Health of Stage 3 Kidney Disease Patients
bullet point Study: Many in US Have Poor Nutrition, with the Disabled Doing Worst
bullet point Without Swift Influx of Substantial Aid, Ebola Epidemic in Africa Poised to Explode
Article from ScienceDaily.
bullet point Ebola Crisis: Mali Confirms First Infection Case
Doctors Still Profit From Medicare Referrals Despite Law
News summary from Kaiser Health News.
CMS Launches $840 Million Initiative to Support Quality Improvement

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