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  Nov. 28, 2014
bullet point Dear Senators
Blog posting by Dr. John Agar via NN&I.

Editor's note: Due to its dependence on campaign contributions, Congress will not act without having the dialysis industry on board.

At this point, the interests of U.S. nephrologists and the for-profit dialysis industry have virtually merged.  U.S. nephrologists have long been allowed to have ownership stakes in dialysis facilities. This has proven to be a horrible mistake.

Physician ownership of dialysis facilities and physician self-interests have driven U.S. nephrology to practice a model of cheap, fast, barely adequate dialysis care that no U.S. nephrologists would accept for themselves. This U.S. model places virtually no emphasis on psychosocial well-being, renal rehabilitation, patient employment, or the quality of the patients' lives.

Unfortunately, Congress and U.S. nephrology are incapable of action -- or shame -- when their own wallets might be lightened.
bullet point Medical Device Tax Pushes B. Braun To Scrap HQ Expansion Plans
Article from MassDevice.
bullet point New Treatments for High Potassium on the Horizon
Posting from the Renal Fellow Network blog. Article from MedPage Today (registration required, but free.)
bullet point The Association between Dialysis Modality and the Risk for Dialysis Technique and Nondialysis Technique Related Infections
Free, full-text article from NDT.
bullet point Management of Hyperphosphatemia: Practices and Perspectives amongst the Renal Care Community
Free, full-text article from Journal of Renal Care.
bullet point Free, Full-Text Articles from Kidney International:
bullet point Treatment Effects of Different Incident Dialysis Modalities on Pruritus in Elderly Uremic Patients
Free, full-text, Article in Press from International Journal of Gerontology.
bullet point Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Disadvantaged Populations
Free, full-text, Advance Access article from Clinical Kidney Journal.
bullet point Evening -Versus Morning- Dosing Drug Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients with Hypertension: A Systematic Review
Free, full-text, Issue in Progress article from Kidney & Blood Pressure Research.
bullet point The Impact of Comorbidity on Survival after Hemorrhagic Stroke among Dialysis Patients: a Nationwide (Taiwan) Population-based Study
Provisional abstract and full-text article (15-page pdf) from BMC Nephrology.
bullet point Published Ahead-of-Print Abstract from Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension:
bullet point Fresenius Medical Care Upsizes and Extends the Maturity of Its Credit Agreement and Also Extends the Maturity of Its Accounts Receivable Facility
bullet point Obama Administration Warns Employers: Don’t Dump Sick Workers From Plans
Article from Kaiser Health News.
bullet point U.S. Adult Smoking Rate Drops to New Low: CDC
Article from HealthDay.
bullet point Free, Full-Text Articles from the New England Journal Of Medicine:
Medicare's Chronic Care Management Payment — Payment Reform for Primary Care
Free, full-text perspective piece from the New England Journal of Medicine.

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