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  Nov. 17, 2017
FDA Seeks to Speed Development of 'Regenerated' Organs for Medical Use
Article from HealthDay. FDA press release and statement by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D.

“We’re at the beginning of a paradigm change in medicine with the promise of being able to facilitate regeneration of parts of the human body, where cells and tissues can be engineered to grow healthy, functional organs to replace diseased ones; new genes can be introduced into the body to combat disease; and adult stem cells can generate replacements for cells that are lost to injury or disease. This is no longer the stuff of science fiction. This is the practical promise of modern applications of regenerative medicine,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D.
The Kidney Project (Creating a Bioartificial Kidney): Frequently Asked Questions by Patients
Information from UCSF"s Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences.
Surviving & Thriving on Dialysis: An Open Forum in Calgary (Canada)
Scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 26.
Acute Renal Failure Hospitalizations
Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project summary and statistical brief from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
Renal Association Clinical Practice Guideline on Peritoneal Dialysis in Adults and Children
Free, Open Access article from BMC Nephrology. Renal Association (UK) web site.
Fractures in Patients with CKD—Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention: a Review by Members of the European Calcified Tissue Society and the European Renal Association of Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation
Free, Open Access article from Kidney International.
Acid-Base Alterations in ESRD and Effects of Hemodialysis
Free, Open Access, Early View article from Seminars in Dialysis.
Article in Press Abstract from American Journal Of Kidney Diseases:
Free, Open Access Articles from Renal Failure:
Routine Adoption of TIMP2 and IGFBP7 Biomarkers in Cardiac Surgery for Early Identification of Acute Kidney Injury
Free, full-text, Advance Online article from the International Journal of Artificial Organs.
Eosinophilia in a Peritoneal Dialysis Patient: Questions
Free, full-text, Online First case presentation from Pediatric Nephrology.
A Propensity Matched Comparison of Hard Outcomes in Children on Chronic Dialysis
First Online abstract from European Journal of Pediatrics.
CDC Grand Rounds: Improving Medication Adherence for Chronic Disease Management — Innovations and Opportunities
Article from Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.
Listening to the Patient's Voice: a More Patient Centered Approach to Medication Safety
Press release from the Regenstief Institute. Free, full-text, Online First article from the Journal of Patient Experience.
Articles from Medscape Nephrology (registration required, but free):
Physician Stress and Burnout: the Causes and Potential Solutions for Nephrologists
Article from Kidney News Online.
New Model Estimates Odds of Events That Trigger Sudden Cardiac Death
Toxic Algae: Once a Nuisance, Now a Severe Nationwide Threat
New Motion Sensors a Major Step Toward Low-Cost, High-Performance Wearable Technology
Why We Should Care That Many Editors of Top Medical Journals Get Healthcare Industry Payments
Article from HealthNewsReview.
Articles from Kaiser Health News:
Posting from the KevinMD Blog:
Top Management & Performance Challenges Facing HHS
CMS Proposes Policies to Lower the Cost of Prescription Drugs and Combat the Opioid Crisis
Press release.
CMS's 2017 Medicare Fee-For-Service Improper Payment Rate Is below 10% for the First Time since 2013
Posting from the CMS Blog.

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